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Carbon emissions calculation

ESG Solutions 

Viridis Sustainability focuses on ESG and Sustainability solutions for companies, investment fund managers, banks and other financial institutions.

Carbon emissions calculation

We help the companies to calculate their carbon emissions based on globally accepted calculation methodologies as well as track the emissions reduction progress. This includes all three scopes of carbon emissions. For financial institutions, we have experience in financed emission calculations and can assist in applying globally accepted frameworks to track your institution's carbon footprint.

Case Study

The Problem

For many companies the starting point of their ESG journey is calculating what precisely is their carbon footprint. This is a helpful starting point as it helps to determine the baseline - to understand strategically what impact does the business have in terms of emissions. From here on, we can formulate a strategy towards emissions reductions and set tangible targets.

Our Solutions

Our expert team will help your company to collect the data, determine the informational bottlenecks and put in place the processes to make data collection easier and as automated as possible. Our work with the clients on carbon emissions has shown that it serves as a great tool to spark many conversations - both internally and with external stakeholders.
We help companies calculate their Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions and provide guidance on the best methodlogy to be used.

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