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Materiality assessments

ESG Solutions 

Viridis Sustainability focuses on ESG and Sustainability solutions for companies, investment fund managers, banks and other financial institutions.

Materiality assessments

We help identify and understand the relative importance of specific ESG and sustainability topics to organizations. This involves looking at a variety of factors through two particular lenses: potential impact on your organization and importance to stakeholders.

Case Study

The Problem

While all ESG metrics are important, it might seem problematic to narrow down which ones have the most impact in your specific industry and business. Navigating your impact and how material it can be is an important step in your ESG journey.

Our Solutions

We use the most widely accepted frameworks to identify the most significant issues that affect your business (and vice versa) from an ESG perspective. It is a great tool to have strategic conversations with your investors, regulators and customers as well as report on the most fundamental metrics. As it varies across industries, it is a highly specialized tool that is tailored to your business and a specific industry it is in.

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