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Supply chain sustainability solutions

ESG Solutions 

Viridis Sustainability focuses on ESG and Sustainability solutions for companies, investment fund managers, banks and other financial institutions.

Supply chain sustainability solutions

We help companies monitor and assess the sustainability performance (tailor made environmental, social and governance factors) of the companies in their supply chain. For most product companies, supply chain represents one of the biggest carbon emission and environmental impact sources. We help to build automated supply chain management and reporting solutions to enable efficient and timely decision making and trackable reporting.

Case Study

The Problem

Navigating your own sustainability agenda and emissions is already a challenging task, but for those companies with international and complex supply chains the task is even bigger. Where do you start, what type of information and credentials to ask for and how to report it to your main stakeholders? How to ensure the ESG risks in your supply chain are appropriately scored and mitigated?

Our Solutions

We help you identify what data to collect from your supply chain, how to manage the main ESG risks. We can also help manage the dialogue with your supply chain partners to assist in Scope 3 emissions calculations.

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