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Sustainable finance and investments

ESG Solutions 

Viridis Sustainability focuses on ESG and Sustainability solutions for companies, investment fund managers, banks and other financial institutions.

Sustainable finance and investments

Today investment companies and asset managers align their goals with UN Sustainable Development Goals, Responsible Investment principles and incorporate ESG criteria into their investment decisions. EU recently issued Sustainable Finance Reporting Regulation (SFDR) which has a profound impact on investment firms and asset managers. We help investment firms to design and implement sustainable investment practices.

Case Study

The Problem

Investors are one of the key stakeholders in your ESG journey and reporting process. Do you know what type of green financing is available to your company? How can you  make your business more attractive and articulate your ESG impact to investors? As a fund manager, what type of new investors can you attract by tailoring your fund for ESG investors?

Our Solutions

Our network includes a variety of ESG investors, funds and specialized bank teams. We can help to strategically position your business to attract these ESG conscious investors and help your business grow.

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